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Site Features

Here's a breakdown of the different forum features you can use, some of which you'll have to unlock by earning kudos and accepted solutions.


Features you can use right away


Features you unlock at "First Poster" rank


Features you unlock at "Regular 1" rank

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Posting, tagging and subscribing


You can write posts, add tags and subscribe to receive topic alerts right away once you've registered a forum username.


To write a post, you can either reply to an existing topic by clicking "Reply" or start a brand new topic by clicking "New Message" after you've selected a relevant board on the forum homepage.


To tag a post, simply click "add tag" below the body of text, then write the words which you feel are most relevant to its contents. This will help others when they're using the search function to find information.


To subscribe to a post, go to the topic you'd like to receive alerts for and then click "Topic Options" and "Subscribe" near the top of the page. You can manage your subscriptions any time on the subscription settings page of your forum account.


Private Messages


Private messages are a method of having a one to one discussion with an individual on the site. To send a private message, just click the username of the person you'd like to message, then click "send a private message". This link might not appear on some users' accounts, as they have the feature disabled.


If you've received a private message, you'll see a number next to the private message icon towards the top of the page on the right.


You can also check your private messages, reply and send new ones via your private messages page.




Notifications are a great way to keep up to date with the conversation, either whilst you're still online or when you return to the site. It's worth noting that notifications are only available in the full desktop version of the forum, and they won't appear if you're browsing the site on your mobile.


If you're online, notifications will pop up in the bottom right corner of the screen when there's something we want to let you know. This could be someone mentioning you in a post, thanking you for something you've said, or replying to a discussion you've subscribed to. To go and look, just click on the notification and you'll be taken to it.


If you're not online when a notification is received, they'll be stored for you on your notifications page. You can access this at any time by clicking the "bell" icon towards the top of the page on the right. If you have new notifications waiting, there'll be a number next to that icon.




Avatars are a colourful way of personalising your profile and standing out from the crowd.


On the NOW TV Help Forum, we have six sets of avatars available when you join up. You can switch these over at any time by visiting the avatars page in your account.


To switch sets, just click the "collections" drop down and pick movies 1, 2 or 3 or sports 1, 2 or 3. Select your avatar by simply clicking on it.


It's also possible for you to upload your own personal avatar, but to do this you'll need to reach the "Regular 1" rank. Read about that here.

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Giving thanks


There are lots of people on the site who're willing to help when you ask a question. If they say something useful, thank them by clicking the thumbs up symbol just below their post.


Uploading images, attachments and videos


Images, videos and other attachments can really help to make a post more colourful and interesting.

These features are unlocked shortly after joining the site, at the respective ranks:


Images - Occasional Poster rank

Attachments - Regular Poster rank

Videos - Contributor 1 rank


Once you've unlocked the feature, to add any of these to your posts, just select the relevant icon within the toolbox on the "new message" screen (attachments can be added from just below the post window).


If you haven't unlocked these features yet, you can always post a link to a third party website where the content is instead. Please ensure that any content you add to your post does not contravene the community Terms and Conditions.

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Adding a signature to your profile is great for telling people who you are, or even reminding them to thank you or click the Accepted Solution button if you've answered their question or said something helpful.


You can set up your signature on the personal information page of your profile. You can either enter plain text, or use basic HTML to make it more colourful, or even to add images.


Uploadable avatars 


The ultimate way to stand out from the crowd, this feature allows you to upload any image of your choice to use as your forum avatar.


Once unlocked, you can configure it on the avatars page of your settings. 


Please ensure that any avatar you upload complies with the community Terms and Conditions, as the image is your responsibility.