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I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good. Yep you’ve guessed it; a die-hard Harry Potter fan. Books; movies; the works. If I was a marauder, I’d be Messr Prongs, but my Lily would be the one and only Gerard Butler, our very own King Leonidas of Sparta. OK now you know that I am truly a HP geek. But when I’m not lost in the world of magic and dreaming of that Law Abiding Citizen, I’m here at NOW TV chatting with everyone out there on the community. I’ve joined the NOW TV gang in August and in the muggle world I’ve studied Crime Scene & Forensics Investigation where I’ve witnessed post-mortems and learned how to uncover evidence. But a true Messr would know how to cover up traces, especially with a handy map, like the marauders. Oh and by the way I’m Farzana and I would say that’s... Mischief Managed.
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