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iPhone 6 to Chromecast fails



I have a persistent issue casting from my iPhone 6 to chormecast, it initially shows ready to cast then won't cast, having restarted, updated and attempted numerous times this issue keeps happening.


Not only that but the new update on my windows 10 pc insisted I install the new Now TV player to stream, everything opens in that dedicated program now which has no options to stream via chromecast.


Based on the current experience with Now TV this free trial is not going very well and I certainly won't be renuing unless this is resolved on both applications, I have no issues what's so ever on Netflix or anything else.







Anonymous User
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@Anonymous User


Hi Welcome to the fourm, sorry for the late reply we have just seen your post, firstly we need a few simple questions asked to get to the bottom of this, assuming you are using wifi ? have you tried restarting the wifi router, also make sure that the casting is set up correctly and ready to use.


full steps on how to set it up can be found here:


Please note:

You can't use the Google Chrome browser for casting with NOW TV.


Also you can try and press the reset button on your Chromecast device for around 20–25 seconds. Then try using it again.


Thanks The Nowtv Team 🙂