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iPhone, iPod, and iPad


Since update, cannot load stream

Hi, I updated the app this morning but now when I try to access any of the sky sports channels it tells me that it is unable to connect to the stream with error code 59. I have deleted and redownloaded the app to no avail. Thanks

Reached device limit

Hi, When I try to use the iPad app it says I've reached the device limit. The limit should be OK as it reset on the 1st Jan. Please can you help. Thanks!

Limited Air play is a rip off

Come on Sky stop ripping off your clients.I took your entertainment pass and expected to stream from my Ipad without a problem but Sky have limited this service to people buying the more expensive Sky Sports package with a vague statement that the se...

Can't register device after upgrade

I've upgraded my applications but it asks me to log back in and won't allow my devices stating I have exceeded more than 1 change per month. Previously had 4 tablets registered and working fine

Resolved! iTunes account linked?

How do I find out if my NowTV package connected to iTunes? I want to cancel my whole account and ensure im not charged for anything. 

Greys Anatomy not working on ipad errror 6

Hello. When I attempt to watch Greys Anatomy on my ipad I get an error 6 message (sorry theres been a problem.Please try and watch something again (6). We can watch all the other programmes. It seems to be just Greys Anatomy. Thanks!

iPhone 6

Since updating my software nowtv keeps tellingme I'm not connected to wifi, when my wifi signalIs displayed strong. I've tried deleting app then reinstalling it.

Resolved! Sports on nowtv app

Been watching sky sports on nowtv for least 5/6 months since last night the listings on the sport channel have disappeared and unable to watch sports- my pass is still valid for another few weeks- watching on iOS device