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When u download the now TV app I have the movie pass on the box and get all the other features for free e.g sky sports news BBC iPlayer but how come can't get it on u phone app
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@Anonymous User


The Sky Sports News app is a bonus feature just for box users I'm afraid, so you don't get access to that on the phone. For all the other apps like BBC iPlayer, Sky Store, ITV Hub etc you need to download the separate apps available free in the App Store for your phone.

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Hi @Anonymous User,


BBC iPlayer is not a NOW TV product, it's a BBC product and as such it has its own 'app' supplied/developed by the BBC.


The Sky Sports News HQ app is a 'perk' app for owners of NOW TV branded boxes only... The only other way you can access Sky Sports News HQ is to subscribe to the 'Sports' service.





EDIT: Looks like @Andy has beaten me to it 😉