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Making me cry

So I've signed up via iPhone. Latest update. Just checked
Tried logging in on Xbox one. Tells me I can't because my payment details are wrong or out of date.
Log back in on iPhone click payment details. Safari cannot open this page due to multiple redirects... wtf!?!?
Download iPhone app. Log in... no you can't until you accept the terms and conditions. That'll be the terms and conditions I accepted when I signed in surely?
Now tv it's time to sort your mess out for the good people that give you money or just tell them you don't actually care about them... only the money. The truth hurts but I'm sure they'll understand if they are getting some tv to watch. For the rest we will just cancel and live the hermit life at work since we didn't get to see game of thrones.
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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum. It will be either because you've not entered your payment details when signing up or there's something wrong with the details you entered (possibly they couldn't verify there is funds). Try going to and clicking the complete sign up button. I'd recommend doing this on a laptop or desktop though rather than your phone.