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Anonymous User
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Chromecast doesnt work with ipad/iphone

The app recognises my Chromecast, however, when I send any film or video, it is never played. It keeps showing an error message. I tried with ipad and iphone. Please, can anyone help me?
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@Anonymous User


Haven't used my Chromecast in a few years on the NowTV service, however if you can post back here what the error message says then perhaps somebody can give you some further assistance.


Also, another quick question are you based in the UK or the Republic of Ireland ?



Anonymous User
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The message says :
Please re-connect Chromecast. Try restarting and running the app again."

I tried to reconnect Chromecast a couple of times. I even reboot Chromecast however it doesn't work.

I am in England.

Hopefully you will be able to find a solution for me.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Anonymous User, 


Sorry to hear about the issues you are having when trying to use Chromecast.


Are you able to let us know if you are trying to connect to a Chromecast device or do you have Chromecast built into your TV?


If it is built into your TV, can you please let us know the make and model of your TV? 




Anonymous User
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Hi Karl,

The Chromecast is already connected to my TV. I am able to use other app likes Netflix and youtube without any problems.

Although NowTV recognises the Chromecast, when I send any video, it never played in the Chromecast.

I dont think it is a problem with the TV, in my opinion it must be between the app and Chromecast.

Hopefully I could find an answer why it doesnt work.