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Can't log in on ipad

I have a subscription but it loads very slowly on my laptop so downloaded the app on my iPad but says there is an issue and I need to go to NOW TV on my PC to accept terms and conditions. I did it but the message is still coming up.
I even deleted and redone loaded the app but it's still happening
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@Anonymous User


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That message usually means the account you are signing into on your iPad isn't fully set up yet.


This be because you've accidentally entered the wrong username and password, in which case check you are entering the right details - you might want to log into the website first and go to your My Account > My Passes page to make sure your pass is there - if it is you know the login details are correct.

Or it could mean you've set up an account but didn't finish it properly - did you enter your payment card details as you need to do this to finish your account properly. If you don't think you have, go to and click the complete account setup button, then sign in with your username and password to finish setting up your account.