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Activity in Set top boxes & Smart TVs

Resolved! Using other apps on Now stick without a pass?

Hi all.We have a Now (Roku) stick and a long standing Entertainment pass.Looking to suspend the Pass for a few months whilst there's not a lot to watch.Would we still be able to access the other streaming apps (Netflix, Prime, Disney+) with no pass? ...

MarkC by Advocate
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Overheating and noisey Roku Now box

I have a Now TV box I also have my phone line and broadband through them as well so was not purchased separately, I seem to have had a problem the last few days. The box has been reluctant to be  recognised by my TV and then started overheating, I fo...

Sweetv76 by Advocate
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Accessing router settings

I'm trying to access the router settings via a web-browser by typing into the address bar.Nothing comes up, not even a login screen. That number doesn't even seem to be recognised. The reason I'm trying the above is that I want to check o...

Now TV Sky Sports delay

I understand that there is always a delay with Sky Sports on Now TV but why does it vary so much? I watch matches with my son and we also FaceTime during matches. He uses the built in app on his Sony TV (not able to pause), I use my Apple TV as my LG...


This streaming service is hopeless, the only one where you have to scroll all the way down to get to a channel, also the syncing is gone where? not the same on devices as on tv. This is also one of the worst as far as price goes, where you get 3 and ...

Now TV not remembering progress

Now TV never seems to accurately remember where you left off. Often it will start an episode from the beginning even if you stopped watching half way through.This seems to happen regardless of which app I use. Seems the same on iPad, smart TV and Rok...

HDMI random error appearing suddenly

We're getting HDCP error appearing on Now TV asking to unplug and replug thr HDMI cable. Done that and it's still there, swapped it for the one on one of our computers and the error persists. What the heck do we do?Roxanne

Roxy by Advocate
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