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Activity in PC & Mac

F20000 Windows 10

Now TV player is not working on my Windows 10 laptop, I keep getting the error f20000 no matter what I do. This started months ago but I have been holding out for a fix that has never happened. Previously I was able to watch via IE11 but that has sin...

Sports Pass

When I try to play one of the sky sports options I get the message ' Did you mean to switch applications' Microsoft Edge is trying to open 'NOW TV PLAYER'. I have tried the yes and no options but still can't get sky sports.  Can anyone help ?

Can't change channel in Player in Windows 10

Why do I get "Unable to load channel data, please try again in a moment" when I try to change channel in this new Player. I use W10.I have to go back to the website and start again. This is very irritating (to put it politely).

Day pass

got a day pass for sky sports but it's displaying as queued and I can't access the channel 

Now TV not working.. at all.

Ok, so i started my trial today and attempted to watch Master of Photography from the arts channel (S01 E01 on catchup) all seemed fine until i need to go do something, so i decided to take the show with me on my phone whilst doing some chores, downl...