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Activity in PC & Mac

App won't work

I need help My Now TV App won't work on my laptop. When I go to click on an event it comes up on my browser and won't go full screen, I'm not willing to pay for Now TV if it won't work on app, I uninstalled and re-installed app and logged out and in ...

Resolved! Why am I blocked? Just an expensive headache!

I keep getting a message saying I am blocked from viewing as I am using too many devices.But I only have one device!Is this a cookie issue? I have tried signing out of all devices in my account settings, still got the message.I tried logging out enti...

Rarna by Mentor
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Why make it so hard to find anything?

There used to be an option to search on the website for movies or shows, without having to log in.Can't find any way to search now. The whole website is designed to just get people sign up. I use the xbox app and searching is a real pain with the xbo...

Can't stream on web browser

Desktop app no longer works so logged in via web browser. Everytime I try and view content it says 'Unfortunately we cannot complete your purchase'. I have a subscription so that does not make sense. Very frustrating. Any ideas? 

DEW by Advocate
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Resolved! Feature Suggestion

Please can sky/NowTV develope a NoWTV App for Windows, instead of a player window and browser window to swap between all the time.I am visually impaired and struggle between the browser and the NoWTV viewer window.Why do i have to install the player ...