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Activity in NOW Box

Now tv app won't open

All other apps work. But home is constant loading with the 4 coloured dots. When I click on the now tv app it loads for a few seconds then goes back to my apps without opening. I've forced a reset, cleared cashe an forced an update 

Roku nowtv problems

I have two identical boxes and both are doing the same thing. I can only get them on if I unplug it and plug it back in . It then only shows the nowtv logo and cannot do anything.also the light on the box has gone off. I have followed the troubleshoo...

no tv channel on my

I have had no TV channels for some time now refreshed the channels a few times now and still no free view channels, the channels or not highlighted fed up now, have the films all ok with that playing, but no BBC and other  channels like this 

Live tv not working

Recently I’ve not been able to access live tv (clucking kn TV guide and selecting a channel) it shows a programme playing from the home screen but once I click on TV guide the screen goes blue and freezes. I’ve truer restarting the box several times ...

Stuck loading

I am having trouble getting started using NOW TV. I have my NOW TV box connected and I am on the page which displays the free month code but when I put that code in to my NOW TV account it doesn't recognise it and I therefore can't get past the code ...

Free to Air Channels Freezing the Box

For the past couple of weeks now, everytime I attempt to watch my free to air channels, the box freezes, blackens out and restarts and says live tv is unavailable. The whole point of this service is so I am able to watch my free to air channels when ...

Free to Air Channels Freezing NowTv Black Box

This problem started two weeks ago, when all of a sudden when going on the free to air channels the screen would freeze? This would then reboot the NowTv black box and load up the home page. If you then went on to the free to air channel again, it wo...

Very Poor Support From NowTV

Dear Sir / Madam, I am registering a complaint against NowTV. NowTV support staff and managers have ignored this issue. Please see below. Brunda (12/08/2019, 08:17:17): Thanks for contacting NOW TV, you are talking to Brunda. Can I start by taking yo...

Now TV black box & Stick not working at all

We have a black box and a stick, neither are working. The TV guide/entertainment/movies are listed but nothing will load.. just the little coloured balls going round and round.? I've even done a factory reset but it's still not working!