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Activity in NOW Box


I have nowtv broadband with tv and phone.  Problem I have is that I cannot load nowtv onto my TV 

Need password but can't remember email address

My landlady has a son who set up account but he has mental health issues and can't remember email address he set it up on hence he doesn't know password etc either and she has noticed on her bank details she is paying £23 for a service she isn't gett...

Suddenly No Signal

All of a sudden im getting no signal or broken up blurry picture. I updated the box and still nothing I searched channels and have now have 35 channels only and havee lost alod of channels including BBC1 bb2 itv channel 4 channel.5  Its really fustra...


I've tried watching now TV via the TV and it says I can't add a new device until March 1st. I've looked and there is only 2 devices on there. I'm paying for a service I can't use surely this isn't right. How can I sort this so I'm able to watch somet...

Broadband issue

I've just connected my now tv box. It's connected to the tv fine, and the wifi on the laptop is working. However when I try to connect to the wifi on my phone, it says authentication problem. I have tried restarting it and unplugging it but it still ...

Friend has trouble with resetting account

My friend is having trouble with his nowTV account/device. It started with his now tv box, so I've recommended he perform a factory reset.It's now asking for him to sign on, and he can't sign on to his device.I recommended him to reset his password, ...

I need a tv contr

I have re-joined now tv. I need a tv control to go with my black box please.  Thank youJulie