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Activity in NOW Box

Resolved! Removing devices and enabling a forced stop on devices

Hello all, I'm trying to enable a forced stop of all the devices on my account. There is somebody using a box on my account and it isn't a box which I have bought or it having been granted access to be used on my account by me. I was hacked just over...

Access on subscription end date

Hi I have just bought (26th Nov 23:00) a month subscription to sky sports. Therefore, it ends on the 26th Dec as I will be cancelling before then as I only want it for a month.  Question is, will I still be able to watch it all day on the 26th, or do...

NOW box not working

Hi All, looking for some assistance please I’ve had my NOW box for a while and lately it’s started dropping the internet connection so having read some articles on here, I carried out a factory reset. I now have another issue!! When I try to registe...

NOW box dead

I changed supplier and have new router but my NOW box is dead, i cant watch TV aa that too isnt connected

Move a box

I want to move the box that supplies my internet to another part of my lounge how do I do this what sort of wire will I need to move it please 

Disable Parental Pin

I am watching a Sky Atlantic show past 10pm. Why do I have to enter a pin? I know OFCOM rules means a pin may be required, but after 10pm?

Now tv box error

Hi there, Having issues with my 2 now tv black boxes. Can't afford internet at the moment so been using a bt wifi hotspot for a while now with no issues. 2 days ago both boxes now having issues connecting to the hotspot but other devices in the house...

Resolved! Subtitle problem

Today for some unknown reason i get subtitles on the UK Gold Channel but no other channels. I went to the settings and turned it off and the subtitles still are on (white words on grey background). Went to settings and turned on then turned off again...