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Activity in Entertainment

Resolved! Babylon Berlin wrong episodes!

Just bought a pass to watch BabylonBerlin Season 2 but at least the first two episodes are from Season 1 (I didn't check any more). This is extremely irritating!!!! Is this usual with Nowtv?

NowTV Losing Movie/Episode Progress

Hi, For the last month or so, all our Roku Sticks - 3 in total with the NowTV app installed, are forgetting where we left off exactly, our progress is out of sync. 10, 20, 30 minutes out, heck even a whole episode.First resonse email from NowTV Custo...

Nothing on here worth watching.

          There are so little quality programs Now TV is dire. The only thing worth watching is not on until 2019. GOT. That's it really. Lucky Man is too bad because of the director and Ray Donovan has got too depressing. The rest is dire drivel.   ...

Playhouse presents

I've just started watching some of the above, and all the episodes show up fine on my laptop. However, when I try watching on the tv via the stick, only the 'King for a Day' episode appears. They aren't in my currently watching either.

UKTV premium channels (e.g. Alibi, W & Eden)

Given the debacle at Virgin Media, is there any chance that NowTV might be able to swoop in a put on the missing premium UKTV channels?. We already have Gold, any chance of Alibi and W?Would surely be a big coup if Now TV could manage it and I imagin...

Up and coming episodes

Can you post a shedule of up and coming shows a week in advance. When the new episode is due The other alternative is to look on the sky website.


Season 7 episode 2 won't play can you fix please also Stargate Atlantis season 4 episode 2 still missing

Error 21 - Stargate Atlantis

Whenever I select Season 2, ep 13 in Stargate Atlantis and any episode beyond that it comes up with Error Code 21 - any ideas what the problem is?