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This is the third time I have tried to reinstall NowTV and the third time it's not working. The episodes (particularly RuPaul's Drag Race) take forever to load and when they eventually do, the sound is out of sync and delayed - it is extremely irrita...

Unknown error page on xbox one

I’ve just signed up and paid for nowtv, however I’ve tried watching something and it constantly comes up with unknown page error, it’s really frustrating! How do I fix this? Anyone else having this problem? 

Resolved! Harry Potter missing film

Hi, I can't seem to find the Deathly Hallows part 1 on my now tv movies account anyone else having this issue? 

Poor search function!

As a Netflix and Amazon Prime member, I'm starting to think I've been really spoiled.  I've popped over here for a trial and your search function is terrible! Can't search by actor, there's not LGBTQ genre, both of which the other two sites have. You...

Missing macgyver Episodes

Season 3 has been put back on however there has only been 3 episodes added. Just wondered when/if the rest were going to be added. 

Missing NCIS LA series

Very frustrating NCIS Los Angeles isn’t available. Very upset. All other similar programmes such as MacGyver, Hawaii 5 o, and magnum PI all still available, why not NCIS La ? Thanks 

International channels (Like from India, Pakistan, etc)

Hi, I am new to Now Tv and just started my one week trial before I actually decide to switch over from Sky TV Dish to Now TV tech. Just one quick brain teaser, are all those hindi channels (under international in entertainment package) included in No...

South Park Season 23 Episode 7

South Park Season 23 episode 7 which aired on Friday 15th has not yet been added to catch-up  Been over 24 hours since airing now so should be on there It seems to be available via catchup on sky but not Now tv Have tweeted now tv help twice with no ...