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Activity in Content Issues / Missing Episodes

Races take ages to upload?

Hi all, I literally have only signed up to Now Tv to watch F1.Unfortunately I can’t always watch them live due to work. Why do they take days to be uploaded? In example the Sprint Qualis this morning still isn’t uploaded. At the moment doesn’t really...

Dan4 by Newbie
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Resolved! No Chinese GP sprint race

Hi, I can't see any option to watch the Chinese GP Sprint race at 4AM tomorow. The sprint shootout was there this morning and I can see Qualifying at 7AM but no Sprint race which starts at 4AM as you can see here on the Sky Sports Website.https://www...

dipsan by Advocate
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Resolved! The Nevers

Are there any plans to air the final 6 episodes of The Nevers on NowTv? If this question is inappropriate for this forum I apologise.

cbrmaz by Advocate
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Season 2 Manifest

I was watching season 2 Manifest last night but I have went to watch it today and season 2 is no longer available. Has this happened to anyone else or have NOW tv removed season 2 please?