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Activity in Content Issues / Missing Episodes

Picture not showing

The picture shows on my tv but as soon as I click to watch a film or programme the picture of it doesn’t show? But as soon as I click off the programme/film the pictures fine? The sound works just no picture?

Now tv now longer on LG tv

Ok so I’m really annoyed with now tv. So for a few wks I cannot watch the lion king or toy story. Error msg. Was told to do a few things then get intouch with nowtv via twitter. I did.  And someone was trying to help. Then stopped. So I msged a few t...

Hiding horror films

Hi How do I hide horror films from showing up in our Now TV Cinema Pass? Our kids are the main users of the service, with our supervision, but it's absolutely ridiculous how many inappropriate, freaky images show up in listings, search, etc. I know t...


Hi just noticed multiple duplicated movies and tv shows in all categories now tv are you trying to make it look as if you have more  content than you actually do. what we don't want is dup content what we need is new content more classic movies pleas...

Bad blurry picture

Last two days and today the picture for sky sports and movies keeps going out of focus and very blurry making it hard to watch. My Internet connection is good and no other issues from other services such as netflix or amazon. How can this issue be so...

Partys Just Beginning

Just watched this over two nights. Its supposed to be a dark comedy according to NowTV but nothing funny about it. There isn't really a moving story behind it either. Its quiet a serious dark film with some deep and serious undertones, great for the ...

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