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Activity in Account, Offers & Promotions

Resolved! Payment card - fraud

So I discovered my payment card is being used fraudulently by a member of the family who doesn't live with me. I see that you can switch cards but not delete. This means the fraud will just contunueas this person is the mother of my daughter who i go...

Fraudulent activity

I am trying to find live chat and cannot find it. And I have fraudulent activity on my account, 33.99 has come out of my account someone has logged on to my account and signed up to sky sports! Help needed immediately I would like to close my account...

Now TV passes

Now TV Passes - has anybody else noticed this?2-month cinema pass = £15 = £7.50 per month = £90pa3-month cinema pass = £25 = £8.33 per month = £100paIs this some major ######-up their end? It's cheaper to buy the 2-month pass, surely? Is it meant to ...


Hi guys, do u have 2 pay off the whole bill or can u pay a percentage of it 4 it 2 b turned back on? Sky does it but not sure about now tv. Thank u

Contact via phoneline

Hello,Could someone please provide me with a number I can use to contact whichever department deals with billing, payment processing and refunding as there is no direct help available on this website. I need to speak with someone about my card paymen...