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Activity in Account, Offers & Promotions

How to Make a Payment

I have switched my bank account. And I have received an email informing my payment was due on 22/10/2018.  It seems the direct debit was not taken from my new account. However, when I look at my NOW My Account it shows the payment status is ok.I have...


So my payment for last month had been confirmed without actually taking the money out of my account, the money has been taken out this monday and now I've received a message that my payment is overdue, yet the money hasn't been put back into my accou...

credit card details

hi    someones been using my credit card, the only time i have used the full details is with now tv a couple of weeks ago, apart from that i use contactless payment. How secure are my card numbers with your company? has this happened before to anyone...


I have a month free voucher and forgot to put it onto my account and the payment has come out. I’m just wondering if there is any way you can put the voucher on and the money can go back into my account. Thankyou 


I cancelled my free trial for NOW TV movies 2 days before the trial ended, but I've still been charged £9.99. Can I get a refund please 

Help please

I got a now tv 14 day free trial, today was the 14th day and I've tried to cancel my trial as I have not even watched one thing on here. I've come to my account and it says I cannot cancel as they are trying to take a payment. I have checked my accou...