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Activity in Account, Offers & Promotions

can't pay for the offer?

Hello,I've just tried three times to pay for an offer (Fab fiber, no calls, no contract). After booking my appointment and putting my credit card informations, it just leaves me a blank page on the website. I've tried with another credit card and it ...

Customer service & Live Chat JOKE!

Hi I bought the much advertised now TV stick.My Card details will not go through so I rang up customer service. After 30mins I got an answer and he had no advice at all basically said he couldn't help me at all!!..So I tryed Live Chat. Heach he just ...

Resolved! Nowtv pass payment

Hi can someone help when I check my passes on my app it says I have to pay on the 24 November but when I go on internet and do my passes It says I don’t pay anything until my offer has passed with is April 2019 I don’t understand 


Just signed up and attempted to pay for the 40% off sky sports for 4 months deal. Wouldnt accept payment but im logged in now. Whenever i click on the 40% off it takes me to the tv guide but i cant watch anything!!! Unable to purchase the 40% off now...

Pay the bill and says i have to pay again

So my bill fpr npw tv comes put every month when it's not supposed to he a contract but yet that doesn't bother me, what bothering me is that I have payed my bill and now it is asking me to pay again so I can watch something ###### take when I've alr...

debit card

New to nowtv, debit card saying not autherised. I have phoned the help desk and was told they cant active it! told to go on live chat.And its a valid card can someone help!!