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Activity in Account, Offers & Promotions

Recent activity on my account

Hi,Last night £7.99 came out of my account without explanation, the only people that have access to my account have denied purchasing the sky sports day pass.It was done just before the Man City vs Liverpool game yesterday. Does anyone have any expla...

Resolved! You have taken payment too early

I’m on a 3 month pass until January 29th and now you have taken 7.99 out of my bank. When the all I was paying was 3.99 for the 3 months. I would like this refunded on my card This is my last money 

Resolved! Device limit and phantom devices

I am setting up my six year old daughters Christmas present and I find my XBox One X is listed twice in devices and even after removing it I cannot add the new device until 1 st january.  If you want my daughter to keep interest in Now TV kids then i...

Access to account

I can’t access my account I have two I believe one set up on a email I know and the other I being charged on and have no idea how to access it to either use it or cancel it help pls wasting so much money 


Hi, I cancelled my Sky chinema package, the other week and I’ve still been charged, could I have my refund please! Thank you


Hi i went throgh the whole process and added my credit card(visa) i got the number sms and added it to the check card part with the 10 p there is money on the card yet still i cant add a paymet to the account it gets stuck at that point