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Activity in Account, Offers & Promotions

Package price

We would like to know what the services included in the package price.Also we still did not have the broadband number for our phone.Regards

Resolved! Device limit and phantom devices

I am setting up my six year old daughters Christmas present and I find my XBox One X is listed twice in devices and even after removing it I cannot add the new device until 1 st january.  If you want my daughter to keep interest in Now TV kids then i...

Access to account

I can’t access my account I have two I believe one set up on a email I know and the other I being charged on and have no idea how to access it to either use it or cancel it help pls wasting so much money 

Resolved! Nowtv pass payment

Hi can someone help when I check my passes on my app it says I have to pay on the 24 November but when I go on internet and do my passes It says I don’t pay anything until my offer has passed with is April 2019 I don’t understand 

Parental pin not accepted

We have an intermittent problem with all our devices that say ‘Sorry the PIN you have entered is incorrect. Please try again.’ This has now happened numerous times and we have reset the pin a number of times but is now getting beyond annoying. It sor...