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Activity in Account, Offers & Promotions


i got the 6 month offer on the cinema and entertainment pass and it's not registering on any device that i try it on,, i can sign in but when i click on a movie it says i need a buy a pass? i've already bought the 6 month one though?!

NOWTV Entertainment 2 for 1 pass

Hey I signed up for the 2 for 1 Entertainmaint pass on my phone, it said I was all done and that I could start watching. However the pass didn't show in my account. So I went onto my computer and signed up again for 2 for 1, it said it was complete y...

Had a voucher till august 27th

I had a voucher till Aug 27th and when I've tried to sign in it says need a pass what's happened? Anyone have any idea , and how the hell do u contact them I can't find the button thing anywhere?