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Activity in Account, Offers & Promotions

Resolved! Device limit and phantom devices

I am setting up my six year old daughters Christmas present and I find my XBox One X is listed twice in devices and even after removing it I cannot add the new device until 1 st january.  If you want my daughter to keep interest in Now TV kids then i...

Claim your offer.

I accessed "claim your offer" on Sunday the 16th Dec 18 at 15.22pm, paid the £12.99 for a one month Sports Pass as per the offer.Initially the NOW TV web site was having difficullty processing the claim offer but after some time my claim was accepted...

survey email

I received an email today purporting to be from NowTV asking me to take a 20 minute survey to help NowTV going forward.The first question was a gender question to which I ticked 'prefer not to say'. I did the same for question 2, what is your age.At ...

Service suspended

Can you tell me why my you tried to Bill me and suspended my entertainment pass, when my entertainment pass started on the 3/12/18 and currently is not due to expire until the 3/02/19

Resolved! Multiple accounts

HiNot ao long ago I set up a few accounts with different email addresses to take advantage of the the free day passes qith packs of Pringles crisps. Was it okay for me to do that? Is there anything in the terms and conditions that says you can't have...