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Activity in Account, Offers & Promotions

Payments taken out of my bank

I have had two months worth of payments taken out of my account now. I have spoken to someone recently and they have no recollection of this. I need someone to give me a ring if that is possible. I need this to stop coming out of my bank account as I...

Monthly payment

Just been emailed to say that my card has run out, didn't even know I was being billed. Box set up using skytv username. Never used free trial.... Please help x

payment help!!!

I got an email saying Congratulations you've just got your hands on an Entertainment Pass. So you'll soon be losing yourself in a world of gripping plots and colourful characters. Your Entertainment Month Pass gives you:Over 300 box setsThe latest ep...

Stumped with billing issue

Hi, I hope someone can assist in advising me how I actually contact Nowtv. I have had payments coming out of my bank for an account that doesn't appear to be mine. I have two accounts set up at present, my original one, and one I set up for my mother...

Incorrectly billed

I had cancelled my subscription and have been continously billed since last few months.I had called and cancelled. I had another account for my parents and both had the same broadband, line rental and pass.When I called and cancelled surprisingly on ...

Phone Number

What is the phone number for your customer helpdesk. The online chat service is terrible and I am being charged £7.99 twice a month for a service I do not have and have not requested.John