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Activity in Account, Offers & Promotions

Billing charge

Dear sir/madami cancelled my now tv pass September 6th 2018 and now in December 28th 2018 I was charge again £9.99. When I never requested any pass or Subscription. Please advice me on this 


2 month now i keep cancel everything now tv still charge me im so angry i try my best to dont call and talk really bad how comeeee i been charge i did cancel....... sort the problem pls

About my account

Hiya ibe had my bank statement and it shows now TV has taken 2 payments of £7.99 in October and 2 payments in December 2018 and I would like a refund for this 


I have been charged twice for signing up to movie pass . Even though it’s 9.99 for first month this has been taken out of my bank twice . 

Billed for a pass I don't have

I currently do not have any contracts associated with my NowTv account, as acknowledged in the payments and billing section on the website, however, my bank account has been charged the monthly payment. How do I get a refund?


Hi there can someone please care to explain why I pay for a month and dont even get a month before I'm charged again I paid for my entertainment on the 11-12-18 @ my movies and sports on the 21-12-18 and now I'm suddenly being told my next payment is...

Being charged incorrectly

Hi so I have a now tv stick. Just had a look at my account. I pay for Kids, Cinema and Entertainment passes. On my account in November 2018 I have been charged for another Kids pass and I can’t understand why if it’s a month pass.... then this month ...

Being charged

I am being charged every month £7.99 but I have just signed in and checked my account and I don’t even have a pass with Now Tv so I’m being charged for nothing. What do I do 

Resolved! Device limit and phantom devices

I am setting up my six year old daughters Christmas present and I find my XBox One X is listed twice in devices and even after removing it I cannot add the new device until 1 st january.  If you want my daughter to keep interest in Now TV kids then i...

Access to account

I can’t access my account I have two I believe one set up on a email I know and the other I being charged on and have no idea how to access it to either use it or cancel it help pls wasting so much money