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Activity in Account, Offers & Promotions


I want to know why most took 21 pound out on the 21 February 2019 when I payed it 2weeks befor 

Need to cancel my Account (not pass)

Hi,I've had problems being charged twice for 6 months of sports passes and it appears it's because I have two accounts registered to my name and payment details (albeit with separate accounts and email addresses).After some effort I've had the double...

Unauthorised payment

So bought 3 one month sports passes for my father. He used one and then Now tv have taken two payments for £34 out of his bank. Complaints system and  live chat no help at all. Any advice?

Unnecessary charge, refund please.

Hi, I'd like to contact NOW T.V. by phone. It has the option to call them. However, I can't see the number itself anywhere? I'm keen to know what number I am phoning to "chat now", as it may cost a small fortune. The fact is if their contact phone nu...


Hi, i have cancelled my nowtv subscription for the entertainment pass twice now, because I was still being charged after cancelling it the first time, so had to cancel it again and I am still being charged monthly (£7.99)?? 

2 eMail addresses relating to account

I seem to have 2 accounts relating to 2 slightly different email addresses. Statements from 2 different credit cards show that 2 subscriptions have been taken out every month for the same packages. I think I’ve cancelled one of these. I’d like to can...

Recent activity on my account

Hi,Last night £7.99 came out of my account without explanation, the only people that have access to my account have denied purchasing the sky sports day pass.It was done just before the Man City vs Liverpool game yesterday. Does anyone have any expla...