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Activity in Account, Offers & Promotions


Hi,It was noted towards the start of the year that downloads would be rolling out across big Movies and Entertainment, but we have since heard nothing. Can Now TV provide any update on when this might happen - it’s starting to be become a serious dow...


I’ve just signed up for broadband and it said I could add entertainment tv for 4.99, however I already subscribe to entertainment so it didn’t give me that option. Will my bill be adjusted or will I have to cancel and start again?

ontact NowTV

HiCould someone from NowTv account or billing please contact me. I cannot contact via 'chat' and have now replay from complaints.Rich

Package price

We would like to know what the services included in the package price.Also we still did not have the broadband number for our phone.Regards

Locked out of account and no one can fix it!

Hi last week I was logged out of all my nowtv devices and was unable to log in or reset the password.  After countless hours on live chat ( literally!) I was told that there was a security issue with my account and has been referred to another depart...

Account problem

My mother's NowTV account has been blocked since December 20. Login at doesn't respond. Trying to login at gives "We apologise for the inconvenience, but we have encountered a problem with your account. Please contact 03442411...

List of devices to delete

I can’t watch nowtv on my mobile because it says I have too many devices so I went to devices to delete some devices but it only says my last device. How can I get a list of the four devices so I can delete one?