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Activity in Account, Offers & Promotions

Broadband n Passes Bill

Ive just noticed my bill is £80, i dont remember buying the Kids and Movies passes? Im not the only one with my login details so i suspect they have bought it from my account without permission 


I moved into a new build 21st December and have no broadband, BT issue! So can’t use the services but have been charged until 20th jan can I get a refund until my broadband is resolved? 

Device Limit

I can’t watch my now tv service that I have paid for as it says I have reached device limit even though there seems to be no devices registered on the account. Is there any way I can fix this as I have paid for the last months fee and haven’t been ab...

Sky sports day pass cancellation help

Hi, I was just messing about with my now tv settings and seeing how easy it would be to buy a sports day pass. Seems it's very easy! I didn't know I needed to set up a purchase pin (now done) in order to make purchases directly on the device. Is it p...

Resolved! Device limit and phantom devices

I am setting up my six year old daughters Christmas present and I find my XBox One X is listed twice in devices and even after removing it I cannot add the new device until 1 st january.  If you want my daughter to keep interest in Now TV kids then i...

Access to account

I can’t access my account I have two I believe one set up on a email I know and the other I being charged on and have no idea how to access it to either use it or cancel it help pls wasting so much money 

Payments taken out of my bank

I have had two months worth of payments taken out of my account now. I have spoken to someone recently and they have no recollection of this. I need someone to give me a ring if that is possible. I need this to stop coming out of my bank account as I...

Subscription shock

Hello Now tv I signed up to your service last year and got 6 months free with the subscription. However what I wasn't aware of until now is that I was paying monthly for the whole of this year! I had no idea it would continue to roll on. You can chec...