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Activity in Account and Billing - Broadband

Billing and trouble contacting

My bill is paid on the 23rd of every month, has been since 2019, at the rate of £25 (for the last year or so). I have checked and all bills have been paid. 23rd December I was billed and paid £50 instead (I didn't even realise). Then less than two we...

Early cancellation fee

Hello,  my contract is almost up. I've phoned NOW TV to cancel the service and make sure that it won't renew after the end of the contract.The agent reassured me that there won't be any cancellation fees but then I got a new £33 bill which is weird c...

having problem with my 2nd box

hi its Amanda Williams I'm have two nowtv boxes in my mam s one for her and one for my son . I can't get in to view my son for enterment channel and I when I try putting my pin into it not letting me in to see why I'm fuming and my son loves and he g...

My bill

Can anyone help me here? I've always paid £25 for broadband & calls. I've just checked my Bill's theyve took 25 on the 2nd of October which is fine, but says they will be taking £40.00 on the 2nd of November for calls & broadband? Anyone know why? Ca...


I went on to check my now tv bill as I thought I had maybe missed a payment, upon checking it said that it was paid, however today I've woken up to discover the money has been taken out my account. I am rather confused! I'm not saying that money has ...

Pro-rata charges

I had a 12 month Fab Fibre contract expiring on 14th July 2020. I got an email with a new deal for Fab Fibre if I renew my contract for another 12 month.I called the call centre today to sign the new contract for the deal I got in the email, today is...

Resolved! Claiming back credit

I was a Now broadband until a few months ago when I switched.  I'm showing a credit on my account, anyone know how I go about claiming it back?I can't find an option to contact customer services.