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Activity in Account and Billing - Broadband

App Doesn't work on Chrome OS

I Started my membership later in December with Now only to find out that it is not compatible with any of my devices. tried cancelling as i cannot use it on any of my devices to realise that i have been locked in for 6 months. I would like to cancel ...

dee by Advocate
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Resolved! itv hub

Cant get ITV hub on TV.Had a message thro to say that we wouldn't be able to access ITV Hub after 30/09/2022cos unsupported on our TV.Would like  rebate for this cos signed up with ITV hub as part of package!!

Broadband Billing

I received an email saying that I have an outstanding bill. On my NowTV account it says that all my bills have been paid. (This is for broadband). Also, I checked my bank statement and I see a payment of £24 when i should only be paying £21. Is there...

NowHelp by Advocate
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Resolved! Have I been charged twice?

Hello,On the 1st of July, we signed up for broadband and phone line with NowTV. It said on the order summary that it was going to cost us £20 per month, plus a one-time charge of £5 for the set-up of the new line. So we got charged £25 on that day.To...

Charged for calls I didn't make

On my bill I have been charged for two phone calls made on the 6 & 7 June, despite having no phone connected to my landline.Both calls were about 10 seconds long and cost £3.75 each. They're described as "Service Calls".Is this normal? Or is there a ...

now broadband worth less than BT

Why can BT broadband users watch on two devices concurrently (as long as one is their BT box), but Now broadband users can only watch on one unless they pay for boost? Surely native NOW broadband customer should be treated at least as well as users o...