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Activity in Setup & Performance

Engineer Visit

Just ordered ‘fab fibre’ and an engineer visit is booked for 25/06. The house does have an inactive phone line with a relatively recent master socket.My question is what will the engineer do. I can’t see that there’s anything needed other than just p...

NOWTV Broadband

Hi,  I've just ordered NOWTV Broadband. I've currently been with Virgin for 3 years and the virgin router has been located in my front room. I have an engineer visit planned with NOWTV/Openreach. I do have one socket in the kitchen of my flat but I'm...

Delivery and activation

I am moving to a new address in July but want to get the wifi sorted now so i can arrange the engineer arrives when i move in. I want to get the router delivered to my current home address, which I will then take with me to my new address.  If I purc...

Broadband too slow

Wish I hadn't left sky broadband much better no problems, but when you have an advertisement saying brilliant broadband for only £18 a month, you think it's good, not in this case!! Tested the broadband on technical check's says it's too slow and an ...

Suddenly no internet!

My broadband suddenly stopped working about 11.30pm tonight, up to this point it was fine. When I did a check it said it couldn't detect my hub. I use my WiFi to work so freaking out. Any clues? I'm in the SM1 area. 

Issues with WAN connection

I've been a customer of nowtv broadband for nearly 2 years. Yesterday at 4pm we lost our internet connection.  Looking deeper into the nowtv box. We are connected to the exchange but the statistics are showing us that we are transmitting packets but ...

Phone Line not working

Hi, Phone line has gone down and when we try and dial it from a mobile it says the number we have dialed is not in service. What is happening? We can't talk to the Customer service or even get live Chat. We are trying to contact my Father in law who ...