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Activity in Setup & Performance

No flashing amber light on Hub two ?

So my broadband was due to activate today...3rd of Nov...its 23:00 and my broadband hasnt been activated yet. So i went to the community post and found out that there should be flashing amber on internet after setting up.. but inonly have two solid g...

Master Phone Socket

Hi, Just looking for some help. Broadband went live today around 2pm. Was due an engineer visit from BT but received a text saying the appointment had been completed. Fair enough, maybe they just needed to flick a switch at the cabinet. Got to around...

Engineer missed the visit date

My engineer visit supposed to be on the 19th of Oct but no one showed up although I have been waiting all day. When I called them they said they are going to arrange another visit and they will either email me or by a call but neither of that happene...

Broadband is still not set up

We paid for monthly rolling broadband which was paid on the 22nd of September.. We were given a date for the internet to go live on the 2nd which then got cancelled mysteriously 2 days later on the 4th. And now it was set to go live today and now we ...

Problems trying to contact Now to report fault

My phone line was dead and my internet was gone.I don't know if anyone from NowTV reads these forum, but the web site is useless, especially if trying to access from a mobile phone. I kept getting circled via the FAQ and round and round in circles. W...

Hyper1 by Scholar
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Been waiting six weeks for NowTV Boardband.

So been waiting 6ish weeks for my broadband to go active, signed up 21/08/2020. Was expecting bb to be a fairly simple thing, figured a couple of days and no worries. Oh a two week wait for an OpenReach eng to sort things, bit annoying but there are ...

Now Broadband - engineer no show

Argh I took today off work as leave so I could be at my new home for the engineer to set up my broadband as required. 8am to 1pm slot booked weeks ago. He didn’t turn up at all! Looks like my flat used to be virgin media enabled. But I’ve chosen Now ...

teo113 by Mentor
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Engineer Visit

I had an appointment for an engineer visit on 9/9 in the morning and he didn't show up. I called the Now TV team (which is extremely hard to connect with) and they told me to wait. THe next day they called me back to offer me another engineer visit o...

Extremely bad customer service

I recently decided to change from virgin to now tv as I was paying too much. Based on my experience this is the worst mistake I’ve made in a long time. Ive has a series of engineers excluding 1 basically botch my installation meaning that since 13th ...