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voucher expried

hi ive been saving my entertainment pass to use before xmas but ive just tried to put it in and its says expired didnt know they expired can someone help 

gdmgdm by Advocate
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Paramount plus code not valid

Tried entering code on different devices and browsers still says not valid, now chat say it NOT their error,this is the code got from now,any idea please such hard work they make things

Tara by Mentor
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I am Openreach staff, I set up a now TV account and then my order for BTTV had to be cancelled and reapplied. I have been sent a Passcode to transfer the benefits into my account however it will not take it on the voucher page and I'm not sure where ...

SIRIS10 by Newbie
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Invalid voucher

Now Tv are offering Sky Sports for £21 until end of 8th May 2023.I click on it says invalidAny suggestions?

Fishy by Advocate
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Resolved! Sky Sports Vouchers code

Hi, I bought a voucher for Sky Sports (£20 for 6 months) but when I try to apply it I get the following message: -'Unable to retrieve product information.'Any ideas why it wouldn't work? Also, have NowTV not got a live chat?  I jst end up with the ch...

Trebs73 by Advocate
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Invalid code and payment pin not working

This code is not valid [voucher code removed] If you are sent this do not bother it does not work, I have noticed others of more than 2 years ago had the same problem, so nothing has changed, apart from pin payment not working at all even on offer of...

Voucher code not recognised

I bought a now tv fire stick quite a while ago and misplaced the box after I set it up. I’ve just found the box with the voucher code on tried you use it and I’m getting invalid . I’ve not used it at all as I misplaced the box sleeve  until today .  ...

Dendino by Mentor
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Complaint about help and Support

Hi all, Apologies for the length of this post, but I am at a loss of who to complain to so thought I would outline why issues here in the hope that I could be pointed in the right direction. As a long-time customer of NOW (over 6 years), I have alway...