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Activity in NOW Stick

Resolved! NowTV stick

Hi I've just set up a new (well 2019) NOWTV smart stick but there was no option to redeem the included Sky Sports 3 months pass during the setup.   I'm connected to my NowTV account etc.  Any suggestions welcome. Thanks Jon 

Resolved! Smart Stick Problem

Hi AllI am having an issue with gaining access to programmes on our Smart Stick (Model 3801UK) since the weekend. When I ask for a programme on the voice or by search all is well then when trying to go to the episode we want it fails and we get this ...

Marcus71 by Scholar
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Resolved! Devices

I understand i can register four devices  I have Now tv Sport on Three devices at my house but i only use two.Can i pass one one of my memberships on to some one in another house.  

Lez by Advocate
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Now stick

Hi Iv moved into a flat where the landlord has a now tv stick the code on the TV is not registering online when we type it in iv been trying for an hr pls help

Where is the Asterix when inputting password?

Given there doesn’t seem to be any other posts mentioning this, hope I’m not being completely stupid - but our new router password has asterixes in it ‘ * ‘ - but this symbol is not available when inputting password on the screen?!  Any ideas out the...

Now Stick

I have re-subscribed to NOW after a 6 month gap. My TV is displaying a message that the App is out of date and to press ' * ' five times and select 'Settings'. Pressing ' * ' or any other key does not do anything.  

Confused as hell about roku and my now stick

I am logged into my now tv account on my TV using my stick. My remote broke so I downloaded the roku app to use it via my phone . My current stick is not the original one I bought. I ordered that from the now website. My husband broke the stick and w...

Ceera by Advocate
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Tv Code not accepted by NOW Server

Hi all,  I have tried to add my Now Tv Sub to my Now Smart Stick ( currently use just on Ipad)  However when i get the on the code on the Tv to pair it to my NOW subscription and enter it online i get "There has been a problem, please try again"  Ive...

Resolved! Now Smart Stick not showing Box Office

Ordered the Now Smart Stick to watch the Joshua fight tonight. I have ordered the event on Box Office using same email as my Now account. However the Box Office app doesn’t show up on the smart stick. In fact my smart stick doesn’t even have an ‘app ...

No way to control my now tv stick

My stick and remote are not paired and I have recently moved so have a new wifi network. I can't control the stick with the phone or remote. Is there anything I can do?