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Activity in NOW Stick

stick is crap

Just got my now to be stick today, it is getting very hot far too quick and keeps saying no connection.  Even though when I check connection it says excellent.  I try to load a program and it just shows the loading dots then says no network connectio...

Both now tv sticks packed up in one day

Both packed up in one day!!!! In different TVs , even tried different wires, also different batteries in remotes too!All it at is a box with“Your homepage is temporarily unavailable “Or even doesn’t get onto that bit at all it’s just on/ off it’s so ...

Flickering image from NowTv Stick.

I have had my stick for a good few months now and it has always worked perfect on my tv. I moved it into my office where I have a dual monitor setup (both high end LG 1080p 50/60hz monitors. The stick will display perfect on one monitor but flickers ...


I’ve just bought a now tv stick. The box cover says with HD. But one of your answers on here says the highest quality levels are 720. And when I watched the football last night it wasn’t HD quality. Can you explain please? 

Pixellated picture

I have just set up my new smart stick with entertainment pass but the picture is very poor.  For a couple of minutes it will be okay and then it will go very pixellated and it's hard to even see who people are or to read text on screen. Netflix works...

Can't connect to network

I hope someone can help. I had a now tv box and it worked great, then for no reason I couldn't connect to network and it says(activation  plug in not downloaded:-4)I then bought a new stick and it worked for 2 days and now this is coming up again. Is...

Sky Movies and Chat

I bought two NOW TV sticks for two televisions with Sky movie passes.  I Installed one on NYE to watch a film.  It took two hours to install.  I have tried for 5 days to watch a film but the picture quality is so bad it's unwatchable.  I have tried e...

Now TV stick

Don't buy the Now TV stick. As it has left a permanent mark on our TV screen. 

Sky Sports Unwatchable

We have had Now TV for years and we pay for all of the available content. A few weeks ago we noticed the streaming quality of live channels drop to an unwatchable level after 5-10 minutes of viewing. It's only paid for Now TV content, Sky News and Fr...