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Activity in NOW Smart Box

Now tv app download

Hi guys, ive just joined Now Tv, but cant find the app on neither of my smart tvs.Tried to screen but it doesn't allow me too Any ideas?

audio out of sync

hi,so my issue is that on live channels audio is out of sync.not all the time and not all the channels, but its a constant thing, whenever i go through the channels, i always bump into a few where theres a very slight, but noticeable sync issue and i...

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Sound drop out live stream

Whilst watching any program on now entertainment, the sound drops every few seconds. The video plays as normal and doesn't freeze but the sound stops and comes back constantly. Feels like there is some form of buffering happening but no idea how to r...

Crackling sound

Hi there,  I have the Now TV 4K box. Have not watched it for a few days but now the sound is crackling. Does anyone else have this issue and if you fixed it, how? Thank you


Why can’t the BOOST give you 4K Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Having a Cinema Pass and the BOOST cost £14.99 which gives you access to films only in HD with Dolby Digital. Other streaming services provide all these up to date features for a cheaper p...

Yes, It's Another 5.1 Sound Issue

Is it possible to have a discussion about why Roku Premier (probably other versions too) and Now TV Smart Boxes will not send 5.1 sound when connected thus: Roku/Now TV ---> HDMI ---> TV (LG 55EG910V) ---> TOSLINK ---> AV Receiver (Yamaha RX-V650) I ...

firmware update to support DD 5.1 output

Hi, Through various posting on this and other forums I am able to identify that the Now TV box does not output "proper" Dolby Digital 5.1. In turn this means that my TV does not recognise the signal properly and reverts to stereo. Are there plans to ...