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Activity in NOW Smart Box

LAN IP Setup: Address Reservation - behaves erratically

I am new to Now and have been transferring my old network devices to my Now hub. With my previous hub I was able to configure certain devices to have a statically assigned IP address. However this does not seem to work with Now. Instead, I have had t...

Andy_D by Advocate
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Now tv app download

Hi guys, ive just joined Now Tv, but cant find the app on neither of my smart tvs.Tried to screen but it doesn't allow me too Any ideas?

now tv code

heyy  im setting up my now tv box and its telling me to go on to the website and enter the code shown on my tv but where to i enter this code ?

contract for broadband and now tv

Can I purchase now broadband and tv on behalf of my mum?  She doesn't currently have broadband and i'd like to buy it her for Christmas.  She has a phone socket but she has no landline, can she still have now broadband?  She isn't a BT customer, I do...


my SMART box has not arrived yet how long does it take to be dispatched?

Now tv passes billed by Bt

I have the entertainment sky cinema sky sports and the boost passes billed by BT can I watch the entertainment sky sports and sky cinema passes on a now tv smart box

Cant get past the 6 digit code. Oops something went wrong.

Live chat have been as much use as a chocolate for guard. This has frustrated me to the point I have cancelled every service I have with them to another provider all together. I got a 4k smart box for my daughters room. Went through the set up. Got a...

Now tv smart box cant activate

Hello I have just bought a now tv smart box I already have now tv so I m trying to set it up wich all went well until I have to go online to activate the box in my account so I put in the code and then it asks me to log in with my details and then it...