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Activity in NOW Smart Box

Now tv passes billed by Bt

I have the entertainment sky cinema sky sports and the boost passes billed by BT can I watch the entertainment sky sports and sky cinema passes on a now tv smart box

Can I Spot the two fox cubs ?

 Hello, I have sent this photo to see if you can find the two fox cubs in the photograph . I have six foxes in my back garden, the two parents and four beautiful little cubs , I have called them Paul ,ringo ,John andes I guess the fourth Beatle


Now tv smart box (pink and black)

Hi so I’ve got a new now tv smart box and we bought it because you can’t get the old ones anymore but I cannot get any freeview channels. I’ve read a load of chats on here and I’m aware that this box doesn’t have a build in freeview thing but what I’...

Resolved! Now tv smart box black crashing , no freeview

so the last 4 days my now tv smart box (blue letters on the box almost 1 year and half old) keeps crashing. I'll be watching free view and it jst crashes with a msg popping up saying the home screen service isnt available, i cant watch my freeview. I...

BBC channels vanished

Hi,For a week or so my BBC channels were all showing blue screen no signal. I've done the following to no avail:- Re-scanned for channels. Had everything from 18 to 61 channels found but BBC now vanished completely, including the radio- Checked local...

Resolved! Freeview Retuning Wales, July 2109

This has probably been answered before but when we turn the box on we are advised that next week we will need to re-tune our Freeview channels and to press yellow to remove the notice or press blue for more information.Our problem - press yellow, pre...

Resolved! NOWTV Smart Box 4K Freeview?

I’m considering buying the new NOWTV Smart Box 4K but I’m just wondering if it still has freeview just like the old smart box? 

UKTV Play app

Every time I attempt to watch anything through the UKTV Play app it crashes and returns to the Nowtv home screen.