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Activity in NOW Smart Box

Sound drop out live stream

Whilst watching any program on now entertainment, the sound drops every few seconds. The video plays as normal and doesn't freeze but the sound stops and comes back constantly. Feels like there is some form of buffering happening but no idea how to r...

Resolved! Lack of pictures when scrolling

Hi  I’ve been with NOW TV for about 3 months.the last 6 weeks I get the odd buffering but what annoys me even more is there’s nopictures!I can be scrolling through you tube ,Instagram even amazonthe first say 20 pictures come up.then each picture is ...

NowTV Complaints- Poor picture quality

Hello, does someone have an email address to raise an official complaint about poor picture quality.  It was first raised on December 17th with NowTV and they are blaming my internet, which handles Netflix, BT and Amazon all in 4k on a daily basis wi...

Constant buffering Now TV box

I’ve been unable to watch tv over the past few hours as watching any channel or movie on my new Now TV Smart box is using an Ethernet cable and am getting 48mb download but all the images are buffering and distorted. Are there any i...

cutting out

I keep having issues watching programmes on my now tv box, it seems to keep cutting out and making the picture quality awful!Is there a way to fix this?ThanksLucy