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Activity in NOW Smart Box

Smart tv box with freeview channels

Hi there im in the process of buying a now tv smart box with freeview channelsIve recently moved into a 6 room house in which im renting one of the rooms, in my room is an aerial socket that leads to the main aerial on the roof I dont have broadband ...

Now tv passes billed by Bt

I have the entertainment sky cinema sky sports and the boost passes billed by BT can I watch the entertainment sky sports and sky cinema passes on a now tv smart box

Now tv smart box (pink and black)

Hi so I’ve got a new now tv smart box and we bought it because you can’t get the old ones anymore but I cannot get any freeview channels. I’ve read a load of chats on here and I’m aware that this box doesn’t have a build in freeview thing but what I’...

BBC channels vanished

Hi,For a week or so my BBC channels were all showing blue screen no signal. I've done the following to no avail:- Re-scanned for channels. Had everything from 18 to 61 channels found but BBC now vanished completely, including the radio- Checked local...

Live channels

Hello I have connected my now tv smart box to my TV and connected to the Aerial but I only have 6 channels which does not include bbc 1, itv etc. How do u get more channels