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Activity in Mobile

Max volume too low iphone

I downloaded the app on my iPhone and took a short trial. But for me the volume is way too low even when I turn it right up, I can’t hear it at all in the train. I’ve searched the forums and found some 2-5 year old posts discussing IOS sound issues b...


I am having trouble with my WiFi, the internet is working fine but does not seem to work on snapchat.

works on internet but not in Iphone app

Hi, just signed up today - login fine on internet -  but the nowtv app on iphone  doesnt nothing just reverts to the login page.  Does this take some time to become active ?  

Resolved! Monthly sports pass

Hi, I just bought the monthly mobile sports pass and it is not activated, I can’t warch anything live on my mobile (IOS). In the confirmTion E-Mail I did not get a voucher to activate the pass. What can I do?

iPhone can’t be used as remote

Hi,  i have a new phone and I used to use my old one as the remote on my now tv box, I’ve removed that phone and added the new one to my devices but the use as remote button isn’t showing up in my app. It’s allowing me to cast from my phone but not a...

Device limit problem

So irritated renewed my now tv this month and now I can’t watch because apparently you can only make one change a month. Waste of a months money, cancelling subscription. Also, takes ages for the programmes to be uploaded after they air on some devi...

Sky sports pass for mobiles

Hi, I am considering buying a mobile sports pass for £5.99 and wondered as I have 4 devices already registered not one being a mobile device will I have to remove a non mobile device to add a mobile device or will it not affect my devices at all?

Can’t setup network

Hiya so my broadband went out today problems in the area. When it finally came on my now tv black box is no longer connected to the internet, problem is I’ve been using the ROKU app as the remote for it and as it only operates when both devices use t...