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Activity in Mobile

Decent app functionality

Please can we have decent, 2019 level functionality in the iOS apps? Specifically: 1) Full history:  there are loads of series I’ve stopped watching because I have paused for a while and NowTV has not kept the history so I have no idea where I left o...

Sports month pass

I have just got a month sports pass to watch the football on my mobile.  I can get onto some of the channels but not the one with the game on, it says I need a sports pass?  Frustrated to say the least.  Any ideas 

Sky sports 10 month package not working

I have bought the £199.00 sky sports package and it is not allowing me to watch any of the sky sports package any ideas anyone, and for there to be no customer service number to ring for help is a joke ! 

Resolved! 5 month mobile sports pass

After activating my mobile sports pass and downloading the app I clicked on sky sports football and it says I need a day/week or month pass. Why is this as I can watch everything else and was watching this channel about an hour ago and now it’s sayin...

Resolved! Error message when trying to use app on phone

I keep getting an error message that tells me ‘now tv is only available in the UK and ROl, unfortunately we cannot confirm that you are within these territories at the moment. Please try again later’ ive been waiting a few days now and it’s still not...


Have had now tv for 3 years no problems but now all of a sudden I can’t cast it from my phone? Anyone any help?

Bought sports day pass for mobile

Bought 1 day sports day pass for mobile to watch British Open won’t play. Showing in my account that it’s been paid for but won’t play any sports channels. Can anyone please help!!!

Can’t access Sky sport on iPhone

I have purchased a Sports Month Pass to watch the Open Golf on my phone. Although my pass shows up in My Account and my iPhone is a ‘Registered Device’, every time I try to watch I get an error message telling me I need to buy a pass. I have tried th...

Can’t login in on app or phone

I have tried to login into the app on my phone and also on the app and it said “there is a problem with your password”. So I changed my password and tried logging in again and it still didn’t work it says it needs to check if I am a genuine user. Wha...

Sky sports mobile pass

I purchased a Sky sports mobile month pass. I went to watch a football match yesterday (Sunday) and it would now allow me to watch the sky sports football channel. I thought with this pass I could watch all sky sport channels on my mobile. Just tried...