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Activity in Mobile

iOS app crashed on iOS 12

Joined NowTV today iPhone 8 iOS 12.4NowTV app v10.8.0 I first opened the app and logged in.Then, every time I open the app it crashed after initial logo.

Can’t log in

I only joined yesterday and today I tried to log in via the app on mobile, iPad and via the web browser and I am unable to log in.  Yes my sign in details are correct, and I’ve also tried resetting the password.  Is this a known issue? 

Just bought a mobile pass but unable to watch anything

I just bought a Now TV mobile pass to watch the football game today however I am having all sorts of problems. It told me something about not being in the EU or the UK or ROI. I am in the UK. Do I need to do something to activate the mobile pass I ju...

Live chat

Anyone tell me where live chat is ? Takes the ###### 

Resolved! Can’t Download Certain Movies on iPhone

Hello there,  I want to download a film called Love Simon to watch on my iPhone 8 but there is no download button (please see image below). I’ve downloaded another film and that works fine so it’s not that the function won’t work. There’s space on th...


Won’t connect to Chrome Cast

Hi all, my Now Tv app connects to Chrome Cast but won’t play a movie when selected. It buffers, then goes back to advertising screen. Inhave checked the Chrome cast with other apps and works fine. 

Now Tv App on IPhone keeps crashing

Hi there, after the latest iOS update my Now Tv App keeps crashing. I select a show I want to watch, and as soon as I change season it crashes. Tried deleting the app and reinstalling but nothing happened. Cleared history and cache but again no diffe...

Issue: iOS13 and Chromecast

Hi All,    Just to an update to let you know that our teams have identified an issue with the latest iOS13 release for iPad and iPhone users.    Whats the issue? Users will be unable to 'discover' their Chromescast device, and will therefore not be a...

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Live Chat Visibility

Ok heres my issue. Why is it so god damn time consuming to get to the live chat option. Just make a freakin tab that pops out as soon as you land on the now website without having to make us go through 3 articles and then how to get in touch etc etc....

misplaced subtitles

on iphone app and the subtitles seem to be placed much higher up than other standard subtitles on other players/ apps. is there any way to fix this? the placement of the subtitles is ruining the beautiful scenes and shots of what i’m watching. would ...