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Resolved! Chromecast not working - "NOW is no longer available on your device"

Hi everyone, I'm a new NOW subscriber.I downloaded the NOW tv app to my Google Pixel 3 and can watch shows on the phone itself. However, when I try to Chromecast it to my LG TV I get the error "We're sorry, NOW is no longer available on your device" ...

Rath by Advocate
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Boost, ads and spoilers

I have recently returned to NowTV, having previously unsubscribed in disgust when, unlike any other platform at all, they forced ads on subscribers who didn't want to pay extra.  The only reason I re-subscribe now is to watch one TV series, and then ...

Podders by Newbie
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Resolved! Add a user

How can I ad a user please                

Cypria by Advocate
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Resolved! Sports Membership 40% - £20

Dear CommunityPlease can you help me? I am a NOW broadband customer and I have my own NOW account. However when I tried to add a Sports Membership of £20 per month for 6 mths, it just didn't process. I don't really want to pay £33.99 a mth for using ...

Ricky1 by Newbie
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Resolved! No option to choose Chromecast audio

Normally I use the Now TV app via my iPad and stream to my Chromecast. I have Boost and have enjoyed 5.1 audio. I had to factory reset my Android phone today and I decided to test it when watching the Formula 1. I noticed that I was getting stereo. O...

SteveA by Advocate
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Resolved! Mobile Phone streaming on Chromecast

Can anyone advise please. I'm thinking of downloading the NOWtv app on my Samsung A41 phone with the view to subscribing to a monthly sports pass (£5.99).  My question is..... can i stream from my mobile phone to the Google Chrome Cast on my main TV....

Markoni by Advocate
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Resolved! Bad UX

The UX is terrible -  why am I paying to still see adverts. Why does it not automatically show me the next episode. Why does it not remember what I just watched. Why do I have to reboot it 4 times so I can play the next episode. Make it better. Netfl...

Day pass chromecast error 2100

Hi, I do a regular sports day pass when i wish to watch something which i normally chromecast to the tv. This stopped working last week showing error 2100, online help just kept saying i was watching on 2 devices but that wasn't the case, only one de...

Does Boost/5.1 surround work with Chromecast for Google TV??

Hi,I've searched online, contacted Now TV over chat and still not clear. Current Help page states Boost enables 5.1 through Chromecast Ultra & 3rd Gen but what about Chromecast for Google TV? (this replaced the Ultra which is no longer even sold). I'...

RW by Mentor
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