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Activity in Mobile

Login issue

I open the app and login,  all is accepted.  Then I click on a program to watch and a message pops up that I have been logged out and need to login again. Keep going round in the same circle. 


I cancelled my account a while back and money was taken out account yesterday by now TV I would like a refund so how can.I do.this 

Signed out of tablet; won't sign in again

I have the NowTV app on my Samsung galaxy tablet. I've used it to watch NowTV from when I signed up to the service. Tonight I tried to use the app, and for some reason it's signed me out of my account and won't sign in again. I tried the same account...

Now tv phone

Hi Trying to watch NOW tv on my phone lets me log in but doesn't let me watch any movie still months on the contract. Watched before on the phone many times but cant do it today. "Contact online support team" it says.Kind regardsRic

Frequently Disconnecting

OK, while I'm watching shows in tandem, for example box sets or collections, I can watch one episode fine but with the second episode I watch the show will randomly just disconnect during the showing. I can reconnect to the show and resume viewing fr...

Chromecast Dropping Connection

When casting NowTV from an Android device to a Chromecast the connection will drop out about once an hour.  It returns the Chromecast to the backdrop screen.When recasting the steam does not start where it lost connection and you need to fast forward...

Resolved! No subtitles on mobile phone app

No subtitles are available for my mobile, the Samsung Galaxy s9 plus. Is that the case for all mobile devices where NOW cinema is concerned? If so, how disappointing.