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Activity in Consoles

Xbox 360 app missing

I am new to Now TV; log in on app fine, xbox 350 is live and works fine, locale set to UK ... but there's no Now TV in the app search. Now TV website says it's a compatable console, and the reason I took this out as it'll primarily be used through xb...


What does oops (1004)- illegal argument mean? I cant access now TV on my xbox anymore when I could before?

Can’t sign in

Trying to sign in to Now TV on my new Samsung TV but says that I am unable and to try later? This seems to be a common problem yet having spoken to a live agent they could not assist. I have done a software update still nothing. PLEASE ASSIST! 

Netflix coming to NowTV

Now TV won't allow me to connect Xbox to the internet I've turned off the broadband buddy so it should connect but the Xbox is still saying the internet is blocked when doing a network!?!

Xbox 360 glitchy audio

I've just renewed my enternatinment pass and am trying to watch Walking Dead series 8 through xbox 360 app, but the audio is terrible, keeps dropping out (especially episodes 6 and 7), seems to be just an issue through the app, seems to be ok on othe...

No longer recognising Xbox 360 as registered device

I have 4 devices registered inc. Xbox 360 - the 2x tv’s and iPad are working fine but if I try to connect to Xbox I get a message to say I have reached my device quota and cannot connect. I have not made any changes and the Xbox is still listed as a ...

Xbox 360 freezing issue

Has anyone found a solution to the nowtv entertainment freezes on Xbox 360 ? It locks the controller and console too, has to be turned off and on again to be able to do anything. It seems to be mainly when searching for something to watch, because th...

Hay u

I have got the now tv app on box 360 and have got a free pass for hay u but I can't find it anywhere! Can anyone help? 

App Lagging

Does anyone know how to get the Now TV app to stop lagging on PS3? It’s taking a good 15 seconds to get to the next film/show/category. It’s driving me insane. It’s just crashed the whole console and it’s now currently correcting itself from corrupti...