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Where is the app ps3?

I have a PS3, UK region, UK language. Now tv is not listed in the apps.  How do I get it?  Thanks  Al

Ps3 can't connect to network

Hi since having a now tv router I'm not able to pass the ps3 Internet connection test, it passes on obtaining ip adress then fails on Internet connection? Other devises work on the network and I'm un able to find any help with now tv routers

PS3 UL Now TV keeps asking for update

Hi all, NOW TV used successfully yesterday via my UK PS3. Today The app asks for an un-necessary update. This keeps me in a loop and unable to access NOW TV Thanks

PS3 crashes (stops responding) after a Programme/film ends

Hi is anyone else having this issue? I more often than not find the PS3 app crashes at the end of the film or programme if I leave it to return to the menu or I press the back button. I've removed and reinstalled the app but same results. Our nowtv b...

No sound on ps3

Hi, Im having an issue where im getting a picture but there is no sound. Ive checked all connections and can confirm its not the ps3 or the tv itd connected to as all other apps produce sound and picture. 

App Lagging

Does anyone know how to get the Now TV app to stop lagging on PS3? It’s taking a good 15 seconds to get to the next film/show/category. It’s driving me insane. It’s just crashed the whole console and it’s now currently correcting itself from corrupti...

Resolved! Subtitles

How do I turn the subtitles off on my Xbox one. Cheers 

2-step verification

Trying to log in for the first time on ps3 and it’s telling me my passwords wrong or 2 step verification is active and if it is I need a setup password, my password deffeniatly isn’t wrong but I can’t find anything about 2-step verification 

Cannot log in on PS3

I've just got NowTV and am trying to use it via the PS3 app. It keeps telling me my login details are not correct, yet they are the same details used to sign in to write this!! So how can that be? Tried 10 times. Removed and reloaded the app, chnaged...