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Activity in Account & Billing

Multiple charges for entertainment pass

Hi all,  I've recently opted in for the entertainment pass. I had an initial charge of £6.99 on the day of the purchase (16th April), and then another charge of £6.99 five days later (21st April).  I checked my subscriptions, and I only have one pass...

Wrongly charged

I only have one now tv account with internet etc. but after checking my account as times are abit tough i see i was charged for my 3 passes on the 23rd of march £11.99 , £8.99 and £3.99 for my entertainment movies and kids pass but now i have 4 more ...

Cancelling sky sports pass

I won a monopoly free 6 months sky sports pass which i have barely used. I am trying to cancel this as it is taking £5.99 a month of my account and there is no way to cancel this. When i go on active passes it is showing as nothing there. I just want...


I’ve been charged for the pass after the free trial even though I cancelled it yesterday after being asked 10 times if I’m sure I want to leave!!

Billing details

Hi I’m trying to remove my details off my account as I’ve cancelled my free trial. And I keep getting 10 pence taken out my bank for some reason. I know it’s a little amount but it’s 10 p extra I could use at the moment ( a joke not serious) 

Pass purchases

Hi everyone So my account has had sky movies pass and entertainment passes bought today (one when no one who uses the account was even awake) With the live chat being down im really stuck for help here, does anyone know if i can find out whos logged ...